Material Safety

This is to certify that all friction material furnished by Selectpart, Incorporated:

  • Contains no known carcinogens.
  • Are 100% free of asbestos mineral fiber or asbestos by-products.
  • Are manufactured from natural and synthetic compounds that cause no known health hazards when used in accordance with operating procedures set forth by Montalvo or Selectpart.
  • Can be cleaned from the skin of exposed body parts with soap and/or water.
  • Will not aggravate existing medical conditions through exposure to the materials, their elements, or their residue.
  • Will be screened or contained by approved dust masks or other breathing apparatus in the event that dusting occurs.
  • Are fire retardant and can be extinguished with standard fire fighting media in the event that the material is used where an open flame is present.
  • Additional material safety information may be obtained by contacting Montalvo or Selectpart at the address listed under Contact Us.
  • This documentation has been prepared based on guidelines set forth by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)